Name: Leilani Coughlan    Date of Birth: 13th March    Location: Dubai, UAE

Bio: A mixed breed born in the UK, I am currently living and working in Dubai. Apart from drawing things that make me smile I also live for art, design, comics, animation, videogames, martial arts, badminton, good food, good music, day-dreaming and going on adventures :)

I am available for freelance work, if I can be of any assistance I would love to hear from you! Email me at

This is me.

Friends & Acquaintances:
100% Cotton, 551094, Emma Vieceli, Fiona Redford, Fyredrake.net, Henry Billington, Holly Sims, HumanGray, Jussi Lehtiniemi, Kate Cooke, Kev Gahan, Lee Wareing, Noizmaker, Per Haagensen, Phantom Limb, Sadee Johnston

Other cool places:
Middle East Film & Comic Con, Sweatdrop Studios, Drawn!, Illustration Friday, Dinkybox, We The Robots

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